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Saturday, February 28th
Central Time Program
12:00 AM      Life Today (cc)
James and Betty Robison
12:30 AM      Enjoying Everyday Life (cc)
Joyce Meyer
1:00 AM      Mark Hankins Ministries
Mark & Trina Hankins
1:30 AM      Your Unlimited Life (cc)
Pastor Casey Treat
2:00 AM      Grace with Max Lucado
Max Lucado
2:30 AM      H2O: A Journey of Faith
H2O: A Journey of Faith
3:00 AM      Trust and tragedy
Tommy Tenney
3:30 AM      The Book of Ruth With Tommy Tenney
The Book of Ruth with Tommy Tenney
4:00 AM      Drive through History - Holy Land
Drive Through History - Holy Land with Dave Stotts
4:30 AM      Not A Fan
Not A Fan
5:00 AM      Right Connection (cc)
Dr. Gloria Williams
5:30 AM      Time of Grace
Pastor Mark Jeske
6:00 AM      Secrets with Kim Clement
Kim Clement
6:30 AM      Joel Osteen (cc)
Joel Osteen
8:00 AM      Hour of Power (cc)
Bobby Schuller
10:00 AM      Last Days Signs and Wonders
Mel Bond
10:30 AM      Katie Souza - Healing Your Soul
Katie Souza
11:30 AM      World Impact (cc)
Pastor Billy Wilson
12:00 PM      Tommy Bates
Pastor Tommy Bates
12:30 PM      Faith for Today
Bishop Derek Grier
1:00 PM      Spirit Filled Living (cc)
Apostle Bailey
2:00 PM      Precious Memories
Bill & Gloria Gaither
3:00 PM      The Joy of Music
Diane Bish
3:30 PM      Rhema Praise
Kenneth Hagin, Jr.
4:00 PM      Miracle Moments
Dr. V. Dilkumar
4:30 PM      Amazing Facts
Doug Batchelor
6:00 PM      Change Point
Pastor Jack Morris
6:30 PM      Discover the Truth
Randy Folliard
9:30 PM      Rabbi Jonathan Bernis - Jewish Voice (cc)
Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
11:30 PM      FLC- Keith Moore
Pastor Keith Moore
Note: Shows marked with an asterisk * are paid for by your PRAISE-A-THON DOLLARS (production and/or air time). In some areas local programs preempt network programming. All programs are subject to change without notice.


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